Alfa60 is the graphic design practice of Joseph Miceli and Lina Ozerkina, founded in 2006 and now based in Torino, Italy.
   Specializing in printed matter and type design, the studio also publishes fonts through the AlfaType Fonts foundry.
   We work on books, some of which we’ve also printed, exhibitions, artist projects and self-published multiples.

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Graphic designer and typographer Joseph Miceli was born in Sicily but grew up in New York City. Returning to Europe in '99, he later studied graphic design and typography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in the Netherlands (2006).

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In 2010 we made ostensibly the first Italian translation of Ken Garland's 1964 manifesto calling for a more conscious application of design in advertising.

Forse la prima traduzione italiana del manifesto di Ken Garland del 1964, rinnovato nel 2000, e adesso rilanciato in Italia da Alfa60.

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Graphic designer and bookmaker Lina Ozerkina grew up in Soviet Latvia, studied in the states at VCU and gradtuated from the Gerrit Rietveld academie in the Netherlands (2005).

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The AlfaType fonts type foundry was established in 2009, collecting and publishing typefaces designed by Joseph Miceli and friends.

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In 2012, Alfa60 started a collaborative project called Friends Make Books, which acts as a platform for print-on-demand, small edition art/editorial publishing.
   Born around a Risograph printer, our aim is to develop small scale publishing models which include all aspects of production from concept, design, printing and binding.

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Since graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Joseph Miceli and Lina Ozerkina have worked together, moving from Amsterdam, to Vilnius, and since 2010 have been based in Torino, Italy.

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Joseph Miceli
Tel. +39 345 352 3970
Lina Ozerkina
Tel. +39 333 323 6292
Via Artisti 35 bis (A),
10124 — Torino, Italia
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