Stockhausen’s Cocktail Bar Menu

“Stockhausen’s Cocktail Bar Menu” by an artist Arturas Bumsteinas is a publication that contains 26 cocktail recipes re-arranged using the musical graphic score “Studie II” by Karlheinz Stockhausen. Since there are 26 pages in the “Studie II” score, 26 relatively famous cocktails were selected and processed through the musical score which re-arranged the cocktails’ ingredients and proportions according the score’s order.

Duration (cm/sec.) corresponds to the amount (ml) of beverage. Frequency (Hz) corresponds to the amount of alcohol (ABV%) contained in the beverage.

Superimposition of sounds corresponds to such actions as mixing, shaking and blending of the beverages.

36 pages, 1 color offset print, glue binding, English. Edition: 1000