Written by Valentinas Klimašauskas “Alfavilnius” — has been referred to as an anti-book, a Lithuanian cyborg-novel, a work of wanderings, of ideologies, simulacrum, PR, fantasies, lust, power and world adventure. The book’s unorthodoxy begins with the cover which is in fact a page from the middle of the book, while the cover propper appears in the center spread of the book.

The brief for the book design was a series of keywords provided by the author among which were terms like virus, spam, junk, sputnik, vampires, tv-towers, corrupted files, etc. This gave rise to the books schizophrenic design with texts interrupting others, layered stings of programming code on the page at key moments in the narrative. At other points the text breaks down, gradually reaching a point of unintelligible binary code.

164 pages, 1 color offset print, perfect binding, Lithuanian.
Edition: 1500